Fresh Food Producers
Incorporated in 2001 with a share capital of RO1.2 million, Al Batinah International SAOC focuses on growing agricultural crops. The company runs one of the biggest banana plantations in the Middle East where it produces high-quality bananas and markets them in unique brands.

In order to meet its strategic objectives and plans, the company has installed state-of-the-art irrigation systems and modernised fertilization injection systems at its farms located in Diyan area in the Wilayat of Khabourah. It also imports tissue culture plants of banana from India and other part of the world.

Al Batinah International started its plantation in 2001 at 100 acres of land, using the tissue culture plants of cultivar Grand 9 brands and giant Cavendish cultivar brands, equipped with the most modern irrigation methods. Later, the cultivable area was extended to 150 and 230 acres respectively in 2005 and 2009, while the production capacity has grown up to over 3000 MT.

Apart from banana plantation, the company is engaged in the cultivation and marketing of various vegetable crops. It has got advanced green house facility with modern irrigation technology to cultivate various types of vegetables.

In addition, the company is planning to establish an agriculture marketing hub to import, export and trade in quality consumable agri inputs such as hybrid seeds, fertilizers, safe natural and eco-friendly pesticides and various farming equipment. It has also plans to launch commercial agencies and representation services in order to improve Oman’s agricultural output.