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FURUKAWA CO., LTD., was founded in 1875 by Ichibei Furukawa, to mine and smelt copper. FURUKAWA has diversified over the years to become a leading corporation in Japan. Today, in addition to mining and smelting they also manufacture machinery, electronic materials and chemicals, as well as supply fuel and electric power.

Furukawa Rock Drills provide the ultimate combination of performance and economy. Built tough, Furukawa Top Hammer and DTH Drills are equipped with features that maximize efficiency to assure high-performance at a low operating cost.

Furukawa Hammers
Furukawa Hammers with hydraulic direct-acting system are world renown for their proven performance in the most difficult conditions. Furukawa’s extensive experience and technological advancements is seen in these hammers that have high operating reliability with lowest maintenance costs.