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Magirus is an international authority on fire fighting and emergency vehicles. Founded by German fire chief Conrad Dietrich Magirus in 1864, the brand has nearly 150 years of expertise in manufacturing vehicles that provide relief in the case of fire threat, hazard and natural disaster. As the inventor of the turntable ladder, a device present on all major firefighting trucks, Magirus places great importance on the development of new technologies that allow fire fighters to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently.

MAGIRUS – a global partner of fire services is present in almost every country on earth. MAGIRUS has manufacturing facilities all around the globe and their range include :

Aerial appliances

Full / Semi-automatic Turntable Ladders are designed with modern load-sensing hydraulic units and intelligent control and monitoring systems, this technology makes it possible to perform different hydraulically driven movements simultaneously.

MAGIRUS fully automatic turntable ladders conform to the highest customer requirements all over the world.

The Combination Vehicles has unique combination of telescopic boom and fire pump and telescopic boom range from -12 m to +31 m; outreach = 16.5 m

MAGIRUS pumpers are technical equipment which is 100% reliable in all situations and have various models like Light Pumper, Medium / Heavy Pumpers, Forest Fire Fighting Vehicles & Rescue Vehicle.

Airport Fire Pumper
MAGIRUS Airport fire pumpers are specially designed with special fire brigade chassis, revolutionary superstructure systems, innovative cab solutions, state-of-the-art pump technology and impressive all-wheel concepts.

The IMPACT model series combines proven solutions and innovative technologies, multi-functional qualities and highly specialised capabilities, compact dimensions and a broad operational spectrum.

MAGIRUS has specific Components for additional attachments to support different varieties of the applications.