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Iveco Defence Vehicles is dedicated to delivering innovative special purpose vehicles for defence and civil protection applications. The brand manufactures logistic, multirole and armored vehicles in its facility in Northern Italy, as well as marketing Iveco’s full commercial range, adapted as necessary to meet the demands of military and civil defense users.

All vehicles are designed to offer exceptional mobility, with protected variants exploiting state-of-the-art protection technologies. With customers in over 100 countries, IvecoDefence Vehicles has developed an extensive international network which provides technical and commercial expertise worldwide.

With more than 70 years of experience of designing and manufacturing both logistic and armored vehicles, Iveco has an extraordinary depth and breadth of engineering expertise which is continuously refreshed and updated through feedback from operations and from the marketplace. The result is one of the most technically advanced, reliable and maintainable product ranges in the world. From adaptable light trucks starting at 5.3 tones GVW, to rugged 41 tons 8 wheelers, the IvecoDefence Vehicles range is built with the needs of the military user in mind.

Flexibility of employment and reliable logistic back-up are essential to support the full range of operations undertaken by our customers. To meet these demands, our trucks are highly adaptable and possess outstanding strategic and tactical mobility. Supported by our world class parts distribution system, once our trucks are in theatre, we ensure that they can be sustained there. This ensures they play their part in delivering the maximum capability on the ground in the shortest possible time. With a wide range of our vehicles operating in countries worldwide, we have a deep understanding of the effects of hostile climates and terrain on our vehicles. This enables us to engineer them to meet the most hostile operating conditions, meeting STANAG requirementsfor operability and functionality in a broad spectrum of climatic conditions.

Iveco Defence Vehicles offers the full Iveco range of panel vans and light trucks through to transporters capable of moving loads in excess of 75t. Available as 4×2, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6, 8×4 and 8×8, these vehicles fulfill logistic roles for a wide range of defence forces from the rear echelon up to the forward areas.